Why employee physical, mental and financial wellbeing have never been more important

YuLife & Breathe presents

Small businesses make up 99.9% of the business population

The UK’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy. The FSB estimates they account for 99.9% of the business population - 5.9 million companies - and employ 16.6 million people between them. They account for half of the UK’s economy. 

For the time being, small businesses will continue to face uncertainty and there are undoubtedly challenging times ahead. Many, however, are already planning for the future and coming back stronger.

Although there are green shoots emerging, many employees will be feeling anxious about their futures and it has never been so important for employers to focus on creating cultures which put the mental and physical wellbeing of their people centre-stage.

People’s wellbeing is a key aspect of developing a positive culture which puts people first. This will be central to employee morale, productivity and our overall economic recovery over the coming months and years.

The good news is that as small businesses are more agile than larger companies, they can often rapidly implement changes that quickly make a big difference to their culture and peoples’ well being.

Our webinar will be hosted by leading culture and wellbeing experts, YuLife, Breathe and Rebecca Bull Chartered Fellow CIPD - Owner of My HR Hub.

Why employee physical, mental and financial wellbeing have never been more important

What this webinar covers

Why company culture and employee wellbeing has never been so important

Range of wellbeing benefits available for small businesses and their teams 

Steps to improve people’s mental and physical wellbeing

Creating a roadmap for next steps

About speakers

Jonathan Richards

CEO & co-founder


Rebecca Bull

Chartered Fellow

CIPD professional

Jonathan Roomer

CFO & co-founder


Prior to YuLife, Jonathan led the early-stage segment of KPMG’s Tech Growth team. He consulted over 200 startups on getting from Seed to Series A and beyond. 

Jonathan is a Fellow of the Instituted and Faculty of Actuaries and a guest lecturer at Imperial College Business School.


From rally champion to accountant, entrepreneur to HR software CEO, Jonathan's driven and adventurous nature is impressive both on and off the screen. Alongside his team at Breathe, he helps SMEs put their people first and at the heart of business success.


Rebecca has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Rebecca has worked across a number of sectors, including design, manufacturing, sport, retail, hospitality, computer games and renewable energy in the UK and abroad, and for household names including Games Workshop, Convergis, and Speedo International.


About YuLife

We're on a mission to protect lives, reward living and inspire life. YuLife is the first digital life insurance provider to transform traditional employee benefits into life-enhancing experiences every employee will value and use. 

The YuLife app uses behavioural science and game mechanics to reward people for living well and provides direct access to virtual GP's and mental health support. The result is a highly engaging proposition that drives lasting healthy habits as well as actionable HR insights for businesses.

About Breathe

For 22 years we’ve been implementing intuitive, easy-to-use HR systems with one goal in mind: to give businesses more time to focus on their most valuable asset – their people.